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The Makeup Artist Edition :

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"100%. A great tool to have in your arsenal!…This planner is jammed with great info and amazing advice!"

— Melissa Street, Owner of Epic Makeup @epicmakeup

Art Style: Chaos in the Paint

The 2020 art style for our planner is a mixture of grunge and paint splatter. The paint splatter is reminiscent of dripping product, smeared lipstick, or a successful blood gag. the block lettering and grunge titles are representative of structure within chaos - how most of us live within our busy working schedules.


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Daily Business Planning Systems For Artists.

As a working Makeup Artist traveling set to set everyday, I find it important to stay meticulously organized. This is reflected in my daily station set up and the way I keep track of my business. Add freelance to that and  it’s even harder  to keep everything straight. work/life balance, finances, sleep schedules, social media, business meetings, and follow up can all quickly become overwhelming. Necessity is the mother of invention and after trying generic planners, journaling planners, and “busy people” planners, it was time to create a fluid tool for balancing our very unique business. I wanted a place where Makeup Artists at every level could calculate their rates to make a profit. A place to easily see the financial health of their businesses. A place to help make better purchasing decisions. A place to encourage and support on-going education in an ever evolving profession. I made this book to not only be your business plan, but to be your cheat sheet to success. I am happy to create a tool that I can share with my community, as we are each part of the backbone to all of our future success. 

-Alisha L. Baijounas, Creator

Wholesale For Makeup Schools



Frequently Asked Questions

My planner didn’t come in frilly packaging - what gives?

We are quite astonished  by the amount of waste we come across between pr packaging, film and television screeners, and basic every purchasing so we are pledging to do our best and only send you what is absolutely necessary to get your item(s) to you safely. besides - your items are pretty cool on their own, don’t you think? 

When will my planner arrive?

we ship USPS from Burbank, CA. United States Federal holidays are observed and no shipments leave on Sundays. It can take 2-9 days from shipment within the united states. It can 9-20 days international and although rare, customs delays may occur.

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These are made in an exclusive limited run each year.  The best way to stay informed is to sign up for our newsletter, which is only sent out for release updates. Don’t worry - we won’t fill your inbox with your typical retail spam. We hate getting those emails as much as you! You can also unsubscribe at any time.

I have a suggestion

This bad boy was built for makeup artists by a makeup artist with the input of many other makeup artists. If you’ve got a great idea, or want to express a concern, we would love to hear it. This tool is built to evolve each business year with the community it was made for. 


We do not accept returns at this time. Each individual book is hand inspected by us for quality assurance after it leaves our printer, arrives in distribution, and is shipped to you.  

Are you going to make other versions?

Yes. we sure are! We like to keep some things a surprise and all exclusive announcements will be available through our newsletter and instagram  @makeupartistplanner. We started this project with the intent of providing the very best information and guidance possible for our niche market. Future versions will include collaborations with the most experienced in their field and will include tools specifically for those freelance business types. Are you dying for us to make a planner specific to your freelance sector? Drop us an email